What Google is Changing – HTTPS vs HTTP

Google has recently released their update for Chrome and with it some updates on how they’d like the world to access all modern websites.

My clients have already noticed that there is a new message in the top corner of the browser, with a little padlock. Sometimes it will be green and say ‘secure’, sometimes it will be red and say ‘not secure’.

Welcome to the world of HTTP and HTTPS. Most websites in the past have been built on HTTP if they are simply a website for information/portfolio/contact us purposes. Most websites have been built on HTTPS if sensitive data will be entered – such as username, passwords, credit card information etc. However, Google have stated that ALL websites moving forward should have HTTPS (the ‘s’ stands for ‘security’) – to encrypt data,  protect users and create a more secure experience.

See this blog here for Google’s official report on HTTPS becoming the new norm, published online only in February 2018.

These changes mean that some sites which are only HTTP will have a ‘not secure’ message displayed on certain devices – but because this is a Google rule change, this will only be seen across the Chrome browser. You will not see this message on Firefox/Safari/Internet Explorer/Edge.

This message doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the website – it simply means it is not a https website.As stated previously, websites in the past did not need encryption unless they were online shops/handling sensitive data – but this is changing. All websites will need to fall in line soon. A secure website also means that no malicious Malware/Adware has been injected into the site, or that any hackers can hijack the content being sent to you (i.e. show something else rather than the page you wanted to view). So if you are viewing a https website, you can be sure that you are viewing the content that was intended. Over the coming months a few things might happen as a result of Google’s new direction:

1.) People might be concerned that their website is ‘broken’ or otherwise ‘not working’ – this is not the case.

2.) Some clients will convert their site to HTTPS if this message concerns them, to fall inline with Googles new policy

3.) Millions of sites will convert to https, and millions will not. The idea is that over time all websites will need to be converted to https to make it more difficult for attacks on sites. However, in the mean time, websites are not being ‘forced’ to make this change – but no doubt this might follow in the next year or two.

If you have an old website and would like to convert it to HTTPS, this would be charged at £40 cost price, plus £29.99 admin fee (to set it up). This would be charged yearly and added to the renewals bill for our hosting every January.

Please contact Jayd on jayd@simplysigns.com to go ahead and order the HTTPS function. This is entirely optional, and the message ‘not secure’ on Chrome will not affect any functionality on your site.


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