The SimplySigns SEO StartUp Package – explained

SEO is especially important in the modern day, because if nothing is done to make your website easy to find on Google then you will be virtually invisible online. If you are solely an online business, you will need to invest money into SEO, Google Adwords and advertising to beat your competition. If you are mainly a word of mouth business, you may just want to start with the SEO Start Up Package to make sure people can find your company online. Since 2013, Google now searches all of the text on your website. Keywords (search terms) are no longer allowed to be put in willy nilly. All of your keywords need to be in the actual body of your text, i.e. dotted throughout your website. This is because Google have noticed a few years back that people were abusing the system – using other brand names/click bait search terms that were not relevant to the product/service and tricking people into visiting their site. So nowadays SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be, and Google are constantly looking for new ways to make search results more relevant. This means we need to work extra hard for you to make your brand new infant website visible on Google, even if it is a few pages down at first. However, starting small is often recommended and is sometimes all people need to make sure their services are easily found online.

Remember – this is no magic button to push you up to the first page. It all depends on your competition, how active your website is, what SEO has been used and if you have the budget for advertising if your competition is high.

We offer the following SEO Start Up Package, for websites that have been designed in house. This will get your foot on the ladder for your infant website. The idea is to see where you land in the rankings after a few months, and if you need an extra push to then invest in advertising with Google Adwords.

Aspects of the website will change as follows

1.) We will look at the top five competitors on the first page of Google, and look into what successful keywords they are using.
2.) We will ask you what keywords you’d like to throw into the mix, so we have more to work with tailored to your needs.
3.) If you are location based this can work in your favour. For example, construction companies covering the whole of London will have a lot more competition than those who are preferably only covering a specific area of London, like West London for example.
4.) Using all of the research found using Google Analytics and Keyword Planner, I then go into the site and change the following-

a.) All titles, snippets and descriptions of each page need to be changed to be relevant to your business. They will all be amended to read as summaries that will be displayed on Google when found in search results. This helps your business to be presented professionally in rankings.
b.) All text within each page needs to hold the relevant keywords, checking keyword density so that we do not go over Googles limits and be penalised.
c.) Headings, descriptions, and all text in website needs to be optimised to be relevant to searches.
d.) A Google Plus page is a goldmine for SEO – if you set one up, we can connect it to the site
e.) All social media sites can be added to website – automatic feeds and activity on your website will rank it higher. We do not set up social media accounts – we will ask for your login details once you have done so.
f.) Any videos on YouTube that are attached to your business needs to be embedded.
g.) All alt tags on each image in the media library need to contain focus keywords, taken from earlier research findings.

These changes can take a few weeks/a month to kick in, but if you update your social media frequently then this will speed things up. The idea is to get as many people to click on the new website as possible. Remember you are in competition with other companies whose websites have existed for years, so you also need to amass rather a lot of clicks. Share, share, share away!

Remember – these things take time and effort, and this is only one of three popular methods available for SEO. This is without doubt the cheapest, and is always a good place to start. See how these changes work for you, and take things one step at a time. If you are still not where you would like to be, you could then move into either finding an SEO Consultant (who will charge monthly) or to pay GoogleAds to ensure you are higher up.

NB – we are only able to offer SEO services for websites we have created in-house.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us via the contact us page. 

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