SimplySigns Animation Service

Need some motion graphics

You might have noticed a wave of animation and video appearing all over London. Businesses everywhere are starting to harness the power of motion graphics – especially retail, estate agents and restaurant businesses.

Luckily SimplySigns can help you keep on top of trends and catch everyone’s attention with STUNNING ANIMATION, VIDEO AND MOTION GRAPHICS.

So how does this all work? There are a 3 parts to the job: PLANNING, LAYOUTS, ANIMATION. With our in house animator on hand to guide you, the process is quick and easy. Here is a step by step account of each of these 3 stages.


All animation needs to start with the seed of an idea. We will work with you to create a brief to ensure your animation gets your company message across. A few questions will be asked to help kick start the creative process:

What is the overall message you are trying to communicate? What words/text do I need to include? Is this an advert for the business overall? Am I notifying customers of a discount/promotion? What sort of images would I need to include? Can I provide them? Is my tone formal or friendly?

Once you have considered these questions, we can set up a meeting where our animator will generate ideas and get back to you with the layouts for the project.


These are images that will demonstrate what the final shot of each animated scene will look like. These images are composed of layers that move independently of each other, and can be moved in/out of shot. Once these layouts have been agreed, our animator can then move onto the fun part – making everything move!

The layout stage can take approximately 1 week to finish. We will require approval on each layout before we move onto the animation.


This is the final stage – where we move all of the pieces of the layouts, and then stitch them all together to make a video. The video can be played either on your TV Display, on the internet or both. A popular video/animation sharing site is YouTube, and then the video can also be shared via Facebook and Twitter. Your final animation can be collected via USB or we can send it to you via email. You will need to check if your TV can play videos – but most recent models can.

The final animation stage can take 1 week, taking the entire project from start to completion 2 weeks in total.

Case Study

Our client required a 45 second animation for his restaurant TV screen. He looked up the make and model of his television to see if it accepted video. In this case, it did and it was via USB.

He came for a meeting, and provided us with text and images for the animation. We then created animation layouts for him, 8 scenes in total. Here they all are, one by one. These layouts do not move, as they indicate how everything will ‘land’ at the end of each shot. (click to enlarge)

After the layouts had been agreed, our animator then started to move all of the layers to create the animation. In this case, each of the shots were approximately 5 seconds long. Our animator spent time moving each part on each layer individually, until all shots were finished. Here is an example of how that would look – a layout next to the final animation. We then provided the final video via email and our client was able to plug it into his TV via USB and play it straight away!


Our animation packages vary, depending on the ideas and the complexity of the animations involved. If all images and text to be included are provided, this makes for a very straightforward process. Most animations that are for TV displays should be between 30 seconds to 1 minute long. This is because your target audience will no doubt not watch for any length of time if walking past or waiting in your store/office. With this in mind, the following price brackets are applicable.

Animation up to 30 seconds: from £500+VAT
Animation up to 1 minute: from £800+VAT

Longer animations available – please contact us for a quote.

If you require us to source the photos on your behalf, we will purchase these images from Shutterstock and extra charges will apply depending on how many you would like us to purchase, but this is of course entirely up to you.


Our animator has a 2:1 degree in Animation and Special Effects, and can help with all aspects of 2D motion graphics. She has been working for 10 years in the trade, with credits to the BBC and as a lecturer in Animation and Video for 6 years. Her knowledge and creative ideas will help to get your brand seen by everyone. Please see below for more video examples of the services we can provide, which include promotional filming/video as well as animation.