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Simplysigns provide a professional email account (included with your website package). Here you have the option to set up either a main email address or several addresses - for example This can be very useful in providing a crucial first impression to potential clients, as it looks much more professional compared to a hotmail or yahoo email address. Below you will find video tutorials on how to set up your emails on different accounts. Below these videos are more frequently asked questions on our email services, which we recommend you read through if you have just purchased a package with our company. 

Setting Up Emails on Outlook (PC)

Setting Up Emails on Outlook (MAC)

Setting Up Emails on a Mobile Phone

Setting up mobile phone email accounts are pretty much the same process across all makes and models. You will just need to find the 'Mail' application on your phone and follow the same prompts to enter in your account information. All account details are the same no matter the phone or tablet.

Setting Up Emails on Mac Mail

Email FAQ

How are my emails set up by Simplysigns?
Our web team will ask you which email addresses you would like us to set up on the server. You can have up to 10 professional email addresses, which are included in your website package. This can be useful if you have different members of staff working in your company, for example and – so these members of staff can have separate email inboxes. It can also be useful if you’d like to separate out your emails – for example or Once you have told us the email address/addresses you’d like us to set up, we create them on the server for you. They can take up to 24 hours to propagate on the system before they can be used. Simplysigns will provide you with a username and password so that you can access them. We will provide an auto generated password, which can be changed to something more memorable at your convenience (please see Webmail Portal below).

How can I access my emails?
There are 4 popular ways that most clients access their emails with:

1.) Our Webmail Portal – Here you will be asked to provide your username and password, which will log you into your inbox (much in the same way you would log in to a Hotmail/Gmail account). This is a very basic way to access your emails, and there are other options with more flexibility available. It is however a great option for when you need access abroad or when you are away from your office computer. 

If you have forgotten your email password, please contact us on or give us a call. Due to the new GDPR Law (May 2018), we can no longer see your old passwords, but we can reset them for you. 

2.) Outlook
Outlook is a software application designed by Microsoft and is sometimes included with a new PC. If you do not own the program, then you might need to purchase it (but it is not to be confused with Office 365, or Hotmail Outlook, as these are online only). Outlook means that all emails are downloaded to your computer (and do not need to be accessed via a website). Outlook is considered the go to professional office email software and is widely used. We have provided a video tutorial on how you can set up the account yourself – please see the top of this page. 

3.) Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are generally understood to be mobile phones, but can also apply to tablets/iPads/Notebooks. Setting up emails on your mobile device is easy – please see the video tutorial at the top of this page. It means you can send and receive emails whilst out and about, which is incredibly convenient. 

4.) Gmail Business
This has been a recent trend and requires our web team to change the DNS details on our server. If you have a Gmail Business account, then please get in touch with us at with the instructions that have been passed onto you by Gmail. This means that Gmail Business will be managing your emails, not Simplysigns, and is usually a monthly subscription payable directly to Google. 

How much space do I get in my inbox with Simplysigns, and can I upgrade?
Simplysigns offer a 4GB inbox by default, which we find is enough for most clients. However, if you require more space, we can add more for you in increments of 1GB for an additional £20+VAT per year (which is added to your yearly hosting bill). It usually takes 1 hour for any upgrade to take effect.

Do you offer email support?
We can offer tutorials on how to set up your account, as per the video tutorials at the top of this page. We can also offer advice on common connection problems (Outlook/Mobile accounts tend to not work if account details have been entered incorrectly, or certain options have not been selected). However, if your software is not functioning correctly, Simplysigns will do our best to help, but software related issues are hard to diagnose and sometimes we will not be able to help with this. We are available for questions Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays and weekends). Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help. 

Can you recover passwords?
Sadly, we are no longer able to recover old passwords, due to the new data protection regulations under the GDPR (May 25th 2018). However, if you do forget your email password, we can help you regain access by resetting your password. If you do opt for resetting it, if you have set up email accounts on mobile phones or Outlook you will also need to go into these accounts and change the password to the new one.

Can you back up our emails?
This is not possible on our server, but can be performed on your office computer via Outlook. You can read the official Microsoft tutorial on how to do this here.

Any advice about spam emails?
Spam emails affect everyone. Simplysigns take precautions on your website by adding a captcha to your enquiry forms, so you shouldn’t receive too many spam emails through the form. However, if you have your email address displayed on your website, it is inevitable that you will get spam emails. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when checking your emails.

1.) Never download anything that you are not expecting or do not trust. Attachments are a sure fire way for spammers to get you to visit a malicious link or even download a virus onto your computer. Make sure you have an up to date anti virus software just in case.

2.) Make sure the password to your emails is strong. This will prevent your mailbox from being compromised. It is sensible to have a long password, with a mixture of caps/numbers/symbols. Make it hard for them!

3.) There are some popular scams out there at the moment – some of them even try to show you an old password to convince you to part with your hard earned money. Ignore all of them. Please visit this link here for a blog post we have written on this subject. 

4.) Emails about hosting/emails being shut down/getting you to the top page of Google. They are all spam, and they are hoping that you will buy into their lies to get you to click. They might be offering a sham service – if they are too good be be true then assume that they are. If you are hosting with Simplysigns, then you only need to pay attention to our emails about web/hosting/email services. 

Website 101 – lots of useful advice on all things website related

Feel free to check out this video regarding frequently asked questions about websites. 
This covers how to set up Google Maps for your business, what keywords are (if you have selected the SEO start up package), how long it takes to for Google to index your website (roughly 4-6 weeks after it has been created), how to view your website, and a basic explanation of how Google works. 
If you are a novice to browsers, Google and web design, then this a great place to start! All modern browsers will work with your emails and your website. Modern browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari and the new Microsoft Edge. It is important that you no longer use Internet Explorer, as of the start of 2018 this browser was no longer supported and is essentially being left to fall off the whey side. This means that websites and emails will not display correctly in Internet Explorer. If you’d like more information regarding the end of this browser, please visit this link here with more details on the subject. 

Any more questions regarding your emails, web design services or hosting provided by Simplysigns, please contact us on and we’ll be more than happy to help.