SEO – A Jargon Free Explanation

SEO is one of those things where sometimes, when explained in person, causes my clients eyes to glaze over. This is understandable, as it can be very technical and some explanations can be based on the assumption that you understand the lingo. However, I assume that most of my clients are beginners. As this is the case, I try to make my explanations of all things SEO as tech free as possible. However, before you read on know this – getting your website ranking high on Google is not possible through one click of a button. It is a combination of research, data and a budget for advertising. If there were a fix all magic button, I am sure everyone would be pressing it! I will outline the best options below, the methods involved, and the different types of SEO recommended for different websites. This way, you can make an informed decision on what is the best foot forward for you and your business.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

A typical search engine would be Google, Yahoo or Bing (but we all know that Google rules high). The long and short of SEO is looking at how high up the list your company website ranks. This is called your 'search ranking' and can be achieved via a number of different ways. How you approach this depends on your budget, what services you are selling, if you want to concentrate on small areas of London (or the whole of the UK) and of course on where you'd like to be on Google.

We appreciate that this is a lot to take in, so let's go through this step by step. Imagine you are a business that existed before the internet (gasp!) and that you had the option of advertising in different ways. For example, you might have taken out a quarter/half page in a magazine, or a listing in Yellow Pages. This was all the rage in the 80's & 90's - but things are now more dynamic. You have to think about what your competition are doing and how you can better them.

Different methods of advertising IN REAL LIFE

  • Word of Mouth 
  • Advertising in local listings such as Yellow Pages
  • Taking out a quarter/half page advert in a magazine
  • Hiring a street billboard

Different methods of advertising ONLINE

  • Word of Mouth - Facebook/Twitter
  • Facebook Page Adverts (£10 per week, better for cheap products)
  • The Start Up SEO Package (one time payment of £200)
  • Google Adwords (between £200 to £500 per month)

Why is SEO Important?

A website with no SEO is like a company with no advertising. Depending on the type of business you have, this ranges from being optional to being very important. For example, if you are a construction company chances are you have a van with your company name/contact details/website on. This is a form of advertising, so means you get seen by local customers who will jot down your website and use it to see your finished projects.  In this case online advertising is optional - and might be best with the SEO Start Up Package as a local business. If you are an online shop, and do not have a physical shop in real life (and therefore no means of people seeing you), then online advertising is a must. This will be in the more expensive form of Google Adwords. Due to the competition, your visibility needs to be good online, so online advertising is incredibly important. You might already be getting an idea of what kind of SEO is right for you - there are two types of services that SimplySigns can offer if your website is brand new and has been built with us.


1.) Google Adwords

This is the most costly version on the list, as it is guaranteed results.
For an explanation of how Google Adwords works - please visit this blog article I have written especially on this subject.

How Does Google Adwords Work?

SimplySigns offers an account set up service for a one off fee of £230+VAT - this involves our web designer looking up your competitors in the local area, finding out what keywords work for them and adding our own ideas into the mix, concentrating on what areas of London you'd like to focus on, and inputting them into you own personalised Google Adwords Account. Our web designer then provides a tutorial on how you can maintain your Adwords account, how to turn it off when you are busy and turn it on when you are quiet and even learn how to read how many people are interacting with your site. We ask you to add your credit card details to the account and specify how much money you'd like to pay Google every month, then activate your online advert. As mentioned earlier, this can cost anywhere from (on average) £200pm - £500pm - depending on how much you are willing to spend. This is the best option for online shops, or customers who are not concentrating on localised areas of London.

2.) The SimplySigns SEO Start Up Package

This is the most cost effective option on the list, and offers you a headstart on the Google rankings but does not guarantee you a top spot (you'd need to grease Google's palms for that). An explanation of the SimplySigns SEO Start Up Package is available here

The SimplySigns SEO Start Up Package

SimplySigns offers the start up package for a one off fee of £200+VAT - this involves a similar amount of research as before - our web designer looking up your competitors in the local area, finding out what keywords work for them and adding our own ideas into the mix, concentrating on what areas of London you'd like to focus on, and inputting them into your website so that Google can 'see' them. We then present this information to Google and then they decide where they will place you in the rankings. There are lots of deciding factors in this process. Google will weigh up how old your competitors domains are, how often they have been clicked on, how many links there are to their sites, how many other places their site features, how often they update/change their site, what keywords have been added and what SEO has been applied. However, having the SEO Start Up Package applied will guarantee you are seen on Google rather than not being seen at all - and if you focus on certain areas of London, this will help your company appear above others in the local area. 

Remember- there isn’t a magic button for everyone!
But we can certainly help get you on the map.

One last thing before we end today's lesson - there will be many different emails/phonecalls from companies who promise to put you onto the front page of Google. Don't believe them! They are banking on your lack of understanding of how SEO works - so like any cold callers just want to get their hands on your money. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! There are plenty of ways to 'trick' Google, but its AI becomes more refined every passing day to suss them out. If you are found out to be bending the rules you may be left out of Google search rankings FOREVER. What's more, Google doesn't even have to notify you that you have been removed so you may never know,  so cutting corners in this way is never worth it. SimplySigns always recommend any new websites (that are not online shops) to start with the SEO Start Up Package, leave it a few months and see if they are happy with where Google places them on the search rankings. If an upgrade is required or you'd like to be higher up the rankings, then the next step would be Google Adwords. This is the general order of things. There are also content creators who can write blogs/content for your website/social media which may be useful for you if you'd like your website to constantly evolve - most of them do this as a full time job and can be found online, charging monthly (sometimes called copywriters). We offer an update service to your website for £35+VAT per hour, or a comprehensive tutorial on how to edit the text/images in your website (and even how to set up a blog!) for £120+VAT

We hope that this information has proven useful, and can help you to decide what kind of SEO is right for you. For some more useful blog articles written by yours truly, please visit the following links for a further in depth explanation. Thanks again and speak to you soon!
Jayd - Web Designer & Graphic Artist at SimplySigns Ltd. 

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