We Can Create Videos, Animation, Motion Graphics & Animated Menus

As businesses move with the times, they also move with technology. You may have noticed successful companies such as Mcdonalds and Burger King are now using televised menus to showcase their menu in new and interesting ways. On your travels you may have also noticed plasma TV screens showing services and products in shopfront windows, portrait orientated screens at bus stops/tube escalators and huge tiled video walls in retail such as Gap and Next.

Video, animation and motion graphics are making a big impact on the world of advertising and marketing. It can help in showcasing your business as one that is willing to dazzle and impress clients to make their mark.

We have an in-house animator and videographer that can create motion graphics, digital signage and promotional videos for your business.

Need an animation for your website or TV screen in your shop/restaurant? We can help!


Getting Things ‘Moving’

All it takes is a short meeting, an idea or two and a touch of inspiration to get us started. Our expert will begin to mock up your animation/video, providing this in HD for upload to the web (such as YouTube and social media platforms). You can display your new media on standard plasma screen TV’s, or enquire into our ‘multiple video screen walls’ for larger shop windows. Video and Motion Graphics start from £500+VAT, and multiple screens are priced on dimensions required. Please contact us for more information. Please see examples of our work below.

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