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Today we released a web video, tailor made for a mobile mechanic, due for use on his upcoming social media campaign. It is pretty damn funny if we say so ourselves! The process was pretty simple, and we worked closely with our client in order to work out a fun short story to advertise their services in a unique and eye catching way. 

Using stock photos and a little bit of humour, our animator came up with storyboards and character sheets to draft up what the scenes would look like, before any movement was created. Then the storyboard was signed off, the elements were made to move, then sound effects and copyright free music were added to make the animation flow. The piece was revised a couple of times before being published, and the result is fantastic! We are super chuffed with the final animation, and so is our client. Please see below for the design process of all characters and storyboards, before the animation was completed. If you'd like to have an animation made for your business, whether for an TV Window Display, Office Wall, Social Media Advert or Online Web Video for your company website, see what Simplysigns can do for you by clicking one of the buttons below. 

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