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Having a strong logo is a MUST for any business who expects to be taken seriously. Having an attention commanding professional logo will add value to your brand and show potential clients that you are a company to be trusted and one who means business.

Sadly there are many start up companies who fall into the trap of having a logo designed who has little experience, or worse still using a website that allows you to design one for free. These designs will look cheap and shoddy, and potentially cause damage in lost interest from clients who may walk away on your first impression.

Having a professional brand with impact and finesse is key to a successful business – luckily, SimplySigns Ltd is here to help.

Branding your company need not be expensive. Our Logo Design Package is only £180+VAT.

What you will receive in this package:

After a short meeting by phone/emails/in person, we will get an idea of the style of logo you are looking for. Think of preferred colours, maybe find some others you like for inspiration. Then we will create 5/6 original concepts, based off the meeting with the direction you have given. Then you will choose one of those designs, and have unlimited revisions to that particular selection.
Your final logo will created in a vector format, so is scalable to any size.

Please feel free to browse past logo design package jobs below. Other Services Available at SimplySigns Ltd:

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