Illuminated Signage
Designed, Manufactured & Installed In House

In the Autumn/Winter months the days tends to get dark very early. The sun goes down around 4:30pm and unlit signs become hard to read which is bad for business!

Some shops miss out on vital business as they have a printed shop front sign which is not visible in the dark and most potential customers pass by on foot without noticing the signage. This is where illuminated signs come in very useful.

Shop front signs that light up are a great way to attract attention in the winter months. Luckily, we specialise in all sorts of illuminated signs, with 3D letters, fret cut trays, LED signage, halo illuminated letters, lightboxes and projecting signs.

This means your business is seen around the clock.

The benefits are numerous:

A well lit sign can attract the attention of a prospective client who might not have otherwise noticed your business.

You’ll be taken more seriously, you are clearly the sort of company that is not afraid to invest more money in their signage, but most of all you’ll be more visible.

It will also make your property easier to find if a client needs to find you after sundown within trading hours, or if your business is 24/7.

Quality tested LED’s can last as long as 100,000 hours, and we have 25 years experience (with quality lighting). This is 3-6 years longer than flourescent or neon, which is why you don’t see too many of those around anymore.

Illuminated signs are so bright that they can often be seen during the day as well as the night, thereby optimising your chances of being seen whatever the time of day.

LED signage is environmentally friendly. LED signs only use around 10 watts of power, which is 80% less energy output than traditional neon signs.

Illuminated signs can be used indoors as well as outdoors. A well lit sign in the front window of your shop/office for example can generate lots of attention, and stand you apart from the dull shopfronts of the streets around you.

Just send us an email with an explanation or visual reference for your ideas, and our team can make some helpful suggestions to achieve your perfect sign

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