Why is it important to get the drawing right first?

Sign production comes in 3 parts –
1.) the artwork, 2.) manufacture and 3.) the installation

To ensure we get any shop sign order correct from the get go, we need to start with a detailed drawing.

Our in house graphic designers (all with knowledge of signage) will have a short meeting with you to discuss materials, measurements and timeframes. At the very beginning of the project, technical drawings will be created to ensure the vision for your sign transitions smoothly into production.

This illustration really is the foundation from which the whole job is produced – both our sign manufacturers and fitters will refer to the illustration at all times throughout the project.

Obviously, creating detailed artwork such as this takes considerable time and effort, so we will ask for a deposit to be made in order to get started. Once paid, we will then have our expert graphic designers create bespoke artwork for your sign. We will spend hours on the illustration and calculating all the details.

The next step:

Before any work begins or any expensive materials are used, SimplySigns Ltd will require approval on the illustration provided. You will need to confirm that all the details are correct, so please check carefully. This is your opportunity to make any changes before we begin production.

Below are some case studies of work we have carried out, all of which started with technical illustrations. We hope that the photos speak for themselves – these signs turned out perfectly as per the artwork. Feel free to browse for inspiration and to gain an understanding of the production process of your order with SimplySigns Ltd.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding technical drawings.

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