300 DPI at 25% is required as a minimum. If your artwork is provided at a percentage (scale), then this must be clearly marked in the file name e.g. finale_print_file_50%.eps


Specify all PMS colours. Please be aware that the Pantone Matching System is a reference and is not 100% reproducible using CMYK production. All PMS colours will be matched to the closest CMYK colour. Artwork received without PMS colour will be printed using the CMYK values in the file.


Build your blacks. All Black spot colours should be 100C, 100M, 100Y, 100K. This will ensure a true rich black every time.


Images copied from the web geneally will not work. Please supply originals as web pages using contain low-resolution Bitmap images that cannot be scaled effectively.


When sending files, please include all your fonts. ALWAYS OUTLINE TEXT - this can help eliminate issues such as font substitution.


Vector Files are always preferred. We can accept print files in: Illustrator (.ai), layered Encapsulated Post Script Level (.eps), flattened Tagged Image Format (.tif), Portable Document Files (.pdf). Please do not send Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files as these are not 'print ready'.

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