Top 12 fonts you should NEVER use

These days are there so many fonts to choose from, the choice can be overwhelming. Some designers over do it with fonts that cannot be read, while some go for the ones that have been used time and time again. There isn’t a font rule book to select from, so sometimes those with no experience of fonts or those starting from the beginning have no idea where to go.

When I used to be a lecturer in Graphic Design, most of my students were very new to the concept of fonts. Most of them would write them off as being personal – in that the only ‘successful’ fonts were those my students personally liked on an individual level. They didn’t think about the importance of how easy they were to read, how formal/informal they looked, the tone they set etc – all that mattered was that they thought they were ‘cool’… cool is very subjective. You need to find a font that works for your consumers, for the company you are being commissioned to work for, as well as perhaps what you personally like (which should come last). There is a fine balance to be made, and we all need to be mindful of this.

There are some very successful fonts that are used time and time again, and I will be writing a fresh blog post on this as a separate subject. However, there are some terrible fonts that are also overused as some people think that they are ‘cool’ – or personally like them. They haven’t considered what audience will be looking at them, and if that audience will take them seriously based on their font choice. For example, in a logo it is KEY to setting a great first impression – if you use an awful font for this highly important representation of your company, your audience will laugh at you and dismiss your logo as something from the playground.

Most of these fonts remind me of playing with stencils when I was a child, the type that you rub off with a penny onto a piece of paper letter by letter. That’s because they are very 90’s and therefore very old… there are plenty more to choose from that should be utilized, some paid for and some free. But either way, these fonts are very standard and only work in Word Documents, a very different kettle of fish from Graphic Design.

Here is a list of fonts you should NEVER use – and I mean never. They are old, tired, overused, been around since Windows 95 – AND there are plenty more to choose from. Just check out websites like Dafont or Font Squirrel for hundreds of free fonts.

Please see below for a list of fonts that should never be used, and if you ever need any help with graphic design with a company that knows TONS about choosing the right font (and can offer our advice on helping you choose), then feel free to visit the pages below:

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Times New Roman




Lucida Handwriting


Bradley Hand



Comic Sans